Sunday, 22 March 2009

Was he the Doctor Faustus of 20th century music? The nice old man who lived across the street from Shirley Temple?  Both? You decide when concert:nova presents The Music That Changed Music on April 5, 2009 7PM at the c:n Garden, 538 Reading Road in downtown Cincinnati.

DEMYSTIFYING SCHOENBERG: The Music that Changed Music
Michael Burnham, as Schoenberg
Meng Chun Lin, Soprano
Steven Cahn, Schoenberg Historian, Piano
Kenneth Lam, Conductor
with concert:nova performing selections from

 Book of the Hanging Gardens
 Cabaret Songs
 Piano Pieces, Op. 23
 Pierrot Lunaire
 Serenade, Op. 24
 Chamber Symphony No. 1

As complex as the century he struggled to influence and reflect, composer Arnold Schoenberg comes alive in a theatrical collaboration between acclaimed actor Michael Burnham and Schoenberg historian Dr. Steven Cahn. Together with c:n, they have scripted a compelling multi-disciplinary work that interweaves the man and his music. With guest artists Meng Chun Lin, soprano and conductor Kenneth Lam, concert:nova musicians will perform selections that trace the arc of Schoenberg’s evolution.

The program illuminates the emotional qualities of both Schoenberg and his music, not just the legendary intellectual force of his thinking or his innovative techniques. This thought-provoking exploration of one of the most unforgettable composers of the 20th century looks into Schoenberg's musical headspace, provides a sense of his world and his personality, and a side of the music many people miss.

As Schoenberg said, "I'm somewhat sad that people talk so much about technical methods when it comes to my music. All music, all human work, has a skeleton, a circulatory and nervous system. I wish that my music should be considered as an honest and intelligent person who is saying something he feels deeply, and which is of significance to us all."

Tickets are $20, $10 for students and seniors, at the door or click here to purchase tickets in advance. 

The c:n garden is in downtown Cincinnati at 538 Reading Road between Pendleton and Liberty in the Metaphor Building.
Park on Reading Road, or in the self-pay lot across the street.
Enjoy post concert wine, other light refreshment and conversation with the musicians.
About concert:nova. 
Founded in 2007, concert:nova is a chamber ensemble that creates a modern, new concert experience. Drawn primarily from members of the Cincinnati Symphony and Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra, the ensemble demonstrates the importance of combining classical and modern chamber music with dance, theater, photography, film, and the spoken word to create an experience that is vital and relevant to contemporary audiences.
concert:nova brings its unique sound and vision to the Cincinnati’s landscape of galleries, coffee houses, museums and found spaces. The ensemble creates the engaging and up-close exchange between musicians and audiences for which chamber music was originally created. For further information, visit, call (513) 321-5073 or contact c:n at