Monday, 25 July 2011

Jarvi Festival!

Playing chamber music with the Jarvis and Vivaldi Concerto for 4 violins with Ivry Gitlis!

Tatiana Berman for Soapbox


Tatiana Berman has a slight frame and big ambitions. The Soviet-born concert violinist first took up a bow at the age of 5, and she hasn't looked back since. This fall, she launches the Constella Festival, which features 13 multi-disciplinary events highlighting the best in music and art in both Cincinnati and around the world.

Name: Tatiana Berman
Age: Is just a number
Job title: Violinist, artistic  director @ Constella Festival of Music and Fine Arts 
City of birth: Moscow, Russia 
Years in Cincinnati: 7
Neighborhood where you live: Hyde Park
Space that inspires you: Alms Park. The tranquility of nature is relaxing and inspiring. I can breathe more deeply and clear my thoughts. Energizing trails and beautiful views of Cincinnati.
Why you live in Cincinnati: My spaceship broke and I'm still looking for spare parts, help! Kidding aside, I enjoy the balance of the well-paced life and the vibrant and innovative artistic energy of the people in Cincinnati.
If Cincinnati were a tree, it would be . . .  a mix between a cherry blossom, a buckeye and a maple tree. New beginnings whilst keeping traditions but ever-changing.